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Escuela Joseph Stanley Jones

Roatán, Honduras

The Milton Bight Computer Project was born from a casual question. My husband, Mike, and I had gotten to know Lya, a woman from a neighboring village, while we were living on Roatán, an island in the western Caribbean. One day the three of us were sitting on our porch overlooking the turquoise sea when Mike asked Lya what she wanted most for her village. She didn’t even pause before she replied that the village school needed computers. “We can do that,” my husband said.

A year later, 12 laptop computers and a server were hard at work at Escuela Joseph Stanley Jones in Milton Bight. The school director had a laptop of her own to help streamline her substantial workload. Students were learning to touch type and to use educational programs and open-source software. It seemed—for the time being, at least—that we had bridged the digital divide.

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